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Empower Civil Society | Chad 23/24

Time: 18.11.23 – 30.01.24 

In cooperation with the chadian organization ADP Association pour le Développement et la Paix, Damma wos will deliver quality trainings at two Cultural and Educational Centers. Focus is on Podcast and Sports for Development.

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Bank: Raiffeisenbank LINZ-LAND WEST

IBAN: AT47 3427 6000 0243 6525


Purpose: Chad

Centre Mosko Hanadii-ĩ 1in Bardai, Northern Chad  facebookpage

Centre Palmeraie in N’Djamena, Capital of Chad facebookpage

Empower Civil Society | Podcast

Collaboration? Personal responsibility [culture & identity] It’s quicker to talk about things that are distant and out of reach than to reflect about oneself and the personal impact on others. 

Podcast Training

Based on previous well-received media training, single members among the community are longing for more.  Podcast in form of voice messages are ideal for a community that is based on mobility. Trainings will take place in the Capital and Northern Chad. 

Content that promotes understanding, reflection and discourse rather than consolidating or creating conflicts.

Sports for Development

The advantage of physical activity is slowly seen. Pooling strength in sport, fighting battles in competition and of course health prevention through regular exercises. In 2020/21 the first fitness room opened its doors in Northern Chad. Since then their is an eagerness of participants for more.

This November / December we will offer Fitness program, organize the 3rd local  football tournament & offer basics in boxing and badminton. We hope in future we can do a Training for Trainers. 


Flights: Vienna – N’Djamena – Vienna 608,00€ | N’Djamena – Bardai – N’Djamena 1.200,00 €

Podcast equipment: 200,00 €

Sports equipment: 200,00€

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Mural of Hope & Joy | Jordan

Time: 01.10. – 04.11.22 

“Inspiring, positive, encouraging,…” and image has the power to transform. The participatory mural of Hope & Joy. A Monument that reminds citizens about their agency to create a positive future.

Details: 16 x 16 meters. Location: Anjara, Ajloun. Who: Damma wos, IYAF, Tareeqak Akafak, Cup of Color, Municipality of Ajloun

We, Me , Us – Damma Wos

Damma wos – Beschäftigungsförderungs Verein is an Austrian association founded in 2021 [registration number  1100988180]. We believe that each single individual person has specific skills and talents and a unique character. Our mission is to assist youth and young adults to unveil their potential through trainings, workshops, seminars, mentoring and events. 

In Jordan: Young adults get equipped with soft- and life skills in order to obtain employment. Our partner is offering a six month training for people with less opportunities. 

In Chad: We support our local partner to provide quality education in rural areas.

In Austria: With workshops in schools we assist youth and young adults to explore their obuilwn path. In addition, we encourage out of the box thinking – local-global nexus. 

passionate to start careers and regulate life

Press the button – sound on, message sent, coffee flowing. We assist people to start or re-start life.   

In our daily life we regulate almost everything (microwave, temperature, food intake) – we help people to  regulate /navigate life.

The foundation of a flourishing life is having peace in 3 dimensions:

  • Peace with oneself
  • Peace with society
  • Peace with the dimension above 

6 members and many friends

Social change starts with a vision, supporters and brave steps. We as Damma wos are to date 6 members and more then 30 friends.

a bright future for youth and young adults

In Jordan | Damma wos acts as an incubator and consultant for a six-month mentoring program, with the slogan mentoring youth for employment.

Project partner: IYAF and Get Away Days JO 

In Chad | Damma wos is engaged in cultural and educational programs in Northern Chad. 

Project partner: Mosko Hanadii-ĩ and ADP

In Austria | Damma wos is giving workshops in schools.


Meisenweg 6

4062 Kirchberg-Thening


Bank Account:

Raiffeisenbank LINZ-LAND WEST

IBAN: AT47 3427 6000 0243 6525


Sustainable Development Goals